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Convenient on-site guidance with Health and Fitness!

Personal Training
 Personal training is one on one guidance to your health and fitness goals.  You will meet with a personal trainer weekly, where you will go through a personally designed fitness routine. Weekly goals will be set for cardiovascular fitness, nutrition, and activities of daily living.
Highlights:  (55 min/30 min sessions available)
  • Free 30 min consultation to go over health goals and see if personal training is right for you!
  • Weekly accountability updates on nutrition through logging.
  • Information packet provided to you containing helpful fitness facts.

The program focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and are essential to providing support for the spine. This class will help those who suffer from back pain, lack of flexibility, assist in body awareness, and strengthen the abdominals.  
Highlights:  (55 minutes)
  • Blend of exercises to focus on strengthening CORE to help the low back and abdominal region.  
  • Stretches through Pilates (PEAK-Fundamentals and APPI L1-3) movements are incorporated.

*30 minute Ab Class free to class participants/ $5 for non-participants*
Contact: Kristina Casillo 571-247-6084 /

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