Friday, January 22, 2010

It's All In Your Head!

Ugh!! I was sitting in class today, listening to my professor tell the students that we crave sweets, or any desserts because of our hypothalamus! We need sugar! What?! Does anyone find the flaws in these statements? She continued to report on that's why we have cravings, and that it's extremely difficult to change one's diet...ok, so take a deep breath, relax, and transform the student hat to the wellness coaching hat-we truly don't have cravings, the mind is a powerful thing, and the brain needs carbohydrates.

We truly don't have cravings- cravings is not in the dictionary, nor can you find it on the popular reference site: In fact, if you Google it, every women-type website comes up due to hormones(pregnancy). Remember my note in a previous blog on "creatures of habit"? I bet if you knock out dessert little by little, you won't even know it's gone. Don't buy the mixes in the grocery store and skip it during a night out. If you want it, split it with someone. Set limits and boundaries, the brain will learn this, and move on...

The mind is a powerful thing- indeed it is! Here's an example: Wine is a food group in my house. I want to cut down because usually I have a glass a night with dinner. So I picked 2 nights during the week that I can have a drink and cut off the time at 7p. If you can set that boundary and train the mind to think that becomes a new habit!

The brain needs carbohydrates- ok, so here is the scientific part of things. Yes the brain needs sugar: in the form of glucose. Glucose is used by the brain to produce energy. So am I speaking of the hot fudge sundae? NO! How about grains? What about beans, fruits, or vegetables? You can't cut out carbs. Use cous cous, quinoa, brown rice, and barley. They are full of nutrients, fiber, and protein as well. You can however cut out the crap!


  1. Hi, this is Carroll's (from ur science class) husband. Nice blog! She told me to take a look at that. Do you have any quinoa recipes? Wine is a food group at our house too - just ask Carroll.

  2. Quinoa is a tough grain for recipes. I have a great minestrone soup as well as a bread that uses quinoa flour. I will post it ASAP!!!