Monday, March 1, 2010

February in a NUTTSHELL!

Wow! So Feb was a little hectic huh? Haven't been on here in a bit and I'm going to start March with a bang. What do I remember most? Snow-lots of SNOW! I have been told that March is crazy and you never know what to expect. We were snowed in for many days here in VA; with children, spouses, friends, and even ourselves. The one thing I can't relate too-the bad eating. I can't tell you how much I heard of "bad eating" habits while those were stuck in the house. I even heard it on the news several times. Really? OK So let's be prepared next time. Here is what I suggest; all those things you have been meaning to do around the them. We hear of the weather to come for days right? Start making a "to do" list. If we don't write things down, we won't know what to do or won't have a visual reminder. This will keep you busy next time the weather hits. How about a pre-cooked healthy meal or snack? Now your thinking.... Spring will be here before you know it. Everytime you fall off that "wagon", you make a new excuse and renew your vow of being healthier again. How many times are you going to go through this in a year? Wait, let me see...I counted at least 9 times! Can you guess which events send you on the "healthy" roller coaster?


  1. The slow breathing really works! The meditation is the answer. Focusing on goals and when thoughts of temptations show up picture a big stop sign in front of it. I also notice if I plan a meal I think how I can make it legal for me. Real simple: make spaghetti sauce with mushrooms, carrots, eggplant. Then cook the meat separate for the non-diet people. Keep the veggie sauce for you and put the meat in a separate pan with the sauce for them. Also mixing 1/2 whole wheat pasta with 1/2 Deboles artichoke flour pasta. Family won't know the difference!

  2. What a run Tuesday!! Ecstatic and fun!This looks promising for me!