Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Busy day? Late night? What about dinner?

After a long day, I really don't feel like cooking, but I know I have to eat something. Hmmmm....Well open the fridge and see what you have. This is what I did, grabbed the parm, the spinach, EVOO, and cous cous and tofu sausage. Cooked the cous cous, stirred in EVOO (just a drizzle) and spinach while sauteeing sausage. When all was cooked, stirred a portion of sausage and cous cous, topped off with a bit of parm. Voile! Dinner was served in less than 10 min. Pasta is quick, substitute cous cous instead. Add vegetables, even if you are going to axe the tofu. Plants have protein too!

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