Monday, January 11, 2010

What New Year?

OMG! Does it ever stop? I couldn't wait for this new year/decade to begin, but already it's crazy! I had a great party here for personal training clients and I must say it went quite well. How does a personal trainer throw a party for people who are trying to better their lives through health and awareness? Easy....let loose, have fun, and pick and choose your battles!
PICK and CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES! Should I say that again? Listen, here's the deal. I am 5'2" weighing in at 130#. Yep, by medical standards, I AM OVERWEIGHT. Really? However, my bodyfat is 12.6 (not 0), and I haven't always eaten like I do. It's a new habit, and we are creatures of habit.

So here are 2 points to look at when trying to be healthier: 1. Pick and choose battles, 2. Incorporate new habits with the old ones until the old habits are gone.

1. You are at dinner- either choose 1 beer/wine or HALF of a dessert. NOT BOTH! Upcoming football party? A little bit of a couple things. Not huge helpings of everything...WALK AWAY FROM THE FOOD TABLE. You can't have your cake and eat it too. One or the other....

2. We are creatures of habit. You can't just wake up and "POOF" you're healthy. I love when members are motivated to get in the gym and their goal is 5 days a week. Really? Even if you have never stepped foot in the gym? Won't work folks. Here's a real life situation and let me know if you get the moral of the story: Client A works out 4x/wk but eats fast food 3x/wk. On week 1, I asked Client A to eat again 3x at this fast food place. Next week, he was to only eat fast food twice but cook at home that third day. Did it work? Yes. Repeat the behavior in wk 3. Did it work? Yes. When he felt comfortable with twice, we went down to once and cooking twice at home until that was repeated successfully. When he created that habit, we took fast foods out all together. You can't quit a habit cold turkey. It is truly smarter not harder....

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  1. The second point reminds me of a discussion I had with someone this weekend who made the comment that she knows she has to get active but can't find 60 minutes in her day. My suggestion was to break the goal down to something more manageable, say 30 minutes, or even 15, just to make it routine. Moving an inch is always better than not moving a foot.