Monday, April 18, 2011

Learning Assignment # 428

OK. So once again there has been some time apart from my last blog. Once n' awhile I get lost in what we call LIFE! So let me RE-Introduce myself: My name is Kristina Casillo. I am a personal trainer who specializes in Corrective Exercise and Pre/Post Surgery. I am also a Wellness Coach who assists with the lifestyle changes of people who need to lose weight, be healthier, and get assistance with their activities of daily living. I work with those who might have low self-esteem, bum shoulder, a knee replacement, and wants to lose weight-that's just one client!

So, what's with # 428? 428- the number of weeks I have worked as a personal trainer and learned AT LEAST- 1 new thing from my experience. No conference, seminar, or in-service can provide these opportunities.

ONCE AGAIN, I have had surgery! This time, the right wrist. I have managed to tear a ligament. Really? I have nothing... I don't know when I did it, how I did it, or where I did it. Guess what? I'M RIGHT HANDED! So as I act dramatic, and wonder how I will run a business, a household, drive, cook, clean, yada yada yada; I get slapped once again in the face. I have recently took on a 12y/o male client who had a stroke in December. He has a brace on his Right leg and without mobility and strength with the Right arm and hand. Yep, I'm bitchning...OUCH!

So, on Sunday, I related to a 12y/o as best as I can. I relayed to him that I've hit the side of my mouth a number of times with my toothbrush, had food fall off my eating utensils, and took forever to get dressed. He laughed and gave me some tips. He even blew my mind when he mentioned that once his right side was better, he was going to continue using his left side. So as I go for my follow-up appointment tomorrow, Tuesday April 19th, I feel somewhat guilty for moving forward a bit quicker and being selfish for wanting my right side back. The Wellness Coaching tip for you? Quit your complaining and enjoy what you have!

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