Monday, October 3, 2011

It's how YOU look at it!

Hi everyone. I hope that you are reading this and it's nice outside. I'm in VA and it has rained day in, and day out. However, this weekend proved to be one of those moments where I had to stop and actually chuckle at my disapproval of the rain.

I was a little late getting out of the house this past weekend to walk the dogs. As we began our journey through a light drizzle, I looked up to find not 1, but 2 rainbows. The lower rainbow was extremely vibrant in color and the one over it was faint. To my surprise, both of them were full! The funny thing was that this perfectionist thought that the view was incredible! Nevermind that the top rainbow was faint. I thought, "How cool. Something so dismal (rain), can produce something so unique". I have been complaining about the weather: cold, wet, gross, depressing, yada yada yada and yet, found something to smile about.

I found myself looking at what I'm presented with each day. Some stories uplifting, others not. Even though we might feel the dismal days of our lives, I want you to know that there are bright spots. We do have our rainbows, even though they may not be perfect!

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