Friday, September 2, 2011

Business Management taught me a new perspective-in life

You might now know that I have recently begun my quest for an MBA. I owe my first instructor a "thank you" on a fresh perspective on what we call, "lifestyle changes".

Our topic in class one evening was based on changing management. The instructor was reviewing generations and each ones characteristics. We looked at the Silent Generation all the way through Generation Z. The purpose was to explore how as managers, we need to adapt to each individual and understand the lifestyles employees are accustomed to. The instructor said, "who we are today, we were at 10 yrs old". Think about that for a minute. How do we develop? What is around us that influences our behaviors? Of course, this theory caught my attention. Then she said something that was that ah ha moment-we don't go through lifestyle changes. We don't change who we are. We grow.

Wow! Genius! For years I have informed clients that eating better and working out is a lifestyle change. What if I were say that incorporating new habits is a growth process? We are still the same people. We have old habits and incorporate new ones, however, we remain the exact same person. So over the course of the past month, I have applied this new concept with clients. Their reaction? Same ah ha moment. So think about this new concept. Do you agree? We don't miraculously change our life, we merely grow into a new direction. Think about a tree. We still have the truck and many branches, we merely grow larger through new experiences.

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