Monday, June 10, 2013

My Inspiration

As a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, entrepreneur, I have no problem admitting that at times, I lack motivation.  Although I am on the go 99.9% of the time- program designing, marketing, holding others accountable, etc., there are days when I would just like to stay in bed.

My personal life is also a mixed bag of responsibilities.  I am married, have a 12 y/o stepson, 2 "needy" rescue dogs, maintain a town home, and have great relationships with friends and family close by.  So why am I drawing this picture for you?

"Everyone who got where they are now had to start somewhere"- that's my mantra to clients.  Once you get there, you are still not even "there" yet.  It takes time to get healthier through strength, balanced nutrition, weight-loss, decreased stress, sleeping better, and even ACCOUNTABILITY!  Have I missed any goals?  Even I don't roll out of bed, wide awake, and begin doing jumping jacks.  I actually have to check myself each day and make sure I'm on track.  Sure, my business life is scheduled.  I know what I need to do on specific days-post to Facebook, write a blog, write program designs, e-mail educational material, promote the studio.....but my personal life gets off track at times and IT'S OK.  Nowadays, I don't beat myself up if I haven't written out what I'm cooking for the week or what days I'm working out.  I'm human too!

Here's a little Wellness Coaching tip:  write down 1 or 2 goals that you would like to get accomplished for the week.  Are they well thought out and planned- descriptive enough?  Tackle those goals each week until you get it right and they've become a habit.  Why move on if you haven't completed those?  Once you think you have it down, begin another week with a new goal/goals.  And remember: "Everyone who got where they are now had to start somewhere"

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