Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm inspired!

If you don't know already- I train all walks of life.  The people that I come in contact with are those from local communities, large businesses, and even at my own studio- range in ages from 32-76 years young!


Why do we put expectations on ourselves?  Is it a way to prove something to others?  Are you competitive?  This morning, I came across this saying that I used for my Motivational Mondays Facebook post.  It really got me thinking about how at times, we only think we are working out if we see the best of results or sweating our tails off.  I have gone from a high intensity athlete to only walking my dogs 3x/wk, lifting when I can, and teaching Pilates- maybe getting a workout in.  I'm happy with that.  You know why? At least I'm doing something.  Each year has been different in my life.  I have been able to adapt my workouts accordingly.  Have you?  I'm not the same athlete I was 15 years ago, the same runner I was 5 years ago, and certainly not the weight lifter I was 1 year ago.  It's ok.  I know I'm healthy and I keep moving any way I can.

Take my self-realization and assess your life and what you are doing.  Are you adaptable?  Can you accept the way things are and adjust?

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