Monday, October 7, 2013

The scale- it's an evil little device!

Here's a conversation that I had just had with my mother.  I train her now, even though I have been trying to get her to workout for 10 years.  She knows my expectations-but does she understand them?

(She comes into the studio pouting)

Me: Mom, what's wrong?
Mom: I'm pissed and not in a good mood.
Me: What happened?  Is everything ok?
Mom: No, it's not ok.  I was losing the weight and now I'm not.  The last 2wks I've only lost a pound!  Can you believe that?  Nothing is going right.
Me: That's ok.  Normal weight loss is 1/2-2lbs/wk. So what's the problem?
Mom: I need to lose weight and it's not coming off anymore like it was.
Me: Well how many times are you weighing yourself?
Mom: Everyday.  I'm a number person and I have to see the number!

(Now at that moment I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.  I've had this conversation 100x over and feel as if I should be carrying around a tape recorder.)

Me: Mom.  Muscle weighs more than fat. You know that, you're a nurse!  If you got on the scale and the weight didn't move but you felt better and have gained strength and muscle, wouldn't you be ok with that?  If you looked more tone isn't it worth it. Water fluctuates from day to day based on food and fluid consumption.
Mom:  I know that!  I know that!  And I do feel better and my clothes feel looser and I have gone down some sizes.

(...and now I need a vacation.)

I know this conversation sounds similar.  If you haven't had it with me, you've had it with someone else.  Here are some points on owning a scale and weighing yourself:

1.  Throw the scale out.
2.  Throw the scale out.
3.  Throw the scale out.
4.  If you think you need the scale, keep it.
5. Weigh yourself 1x/wk and in the AM.
6.  Know that food contains water and salt thus effecting your day to day weight.
7. Muscle weighs more than fat = muscle tissue is more dense than fat tissue (18%)
8. Still throw the scale out....

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