Monday, February 10, 2014

Easier said, than done.

I recently posted on the studio's Facebook account ways to which one may stay motivated in keeping up with their exercise routine.  I walked around my house for a bit, thinking of these 5 ways; 1. Add variety to your routine, 2. Change your perspective on how you look at exercise, 3. Set goals, 4. Set a schedule, and 5. Include others on your journey.  It sounds easy to do, correct?  I thought to myself, "What if it's not?"  "What if one continue's to create a viscous cycle of failing?" "How do I correct it and keep going?"

It's so easy for me to say those 5 things, but I never really speak on the failing part of those actions.  I guess this is my response to those motivational tips.  If you fail at 1 or even all of those things, don't get discouraged.  The world would be a perfect place if there were no mistakes and you would easily accomplish all your goals.  Instead, take a deep breath and look at the reasons why you might have failed.  There is no sense in trying to re-create new ways to stay motivated if the old ones didn't work.  Here's an easy one:

4. SET A SCHEDULE:  You set your workout time to be 6:00a, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before work.

Reality:  You never wake up before 7:00a because you don't have to be at work until 9:00a.  You have read in the magazines that working out earlier in your day is easier and gives you more energy.

Gut check:  After you hit SNOOZE 4 times and finally roll out of bed, you only have 20minutes before you have to get ready for work.  That's if you finally get out of bed of course.

Problem solved: First, if you are not a morning person, right now is not the best time to try to be.  You will be losing sleep and failing at your goal.  How does that feel?  Second, look at the time you go to bed.  Could you probably settle down a little earlier?  If you are a night person, accept it and try to schedule your workout AFTER work.  The sky isn't going to fall because you aren't doing what the magazine "says" you should be doing.  At least you are working out.  Who really cares what time of day it is?

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