Monday, January 20, 2014

Sticky notes are my best friend

     Seriously.  I love sticky notes.  If you are a client of mine, friend, or family member reading this, you agree.  I use sticky notes for everything.  It's not because I don't know how to use my iPhone to remind me of lists created or information needed later on, but because I need a visual cue that provides a constant reminder.


     We have become robots, programmed to run through our daily life without thinking, sometimes feeling.  Most of the time, we depend on electronics for everything.  Heaven forbid we actually have to think about something.

     Sticky notes serve as a quick visual reminder of something to be done, something that needs to process. Although I keep my grocery list on my phone, easy to retrieve if I need items again, most of my "to do" lists are on sticky notes.  I feel as if I have a sense of accomplishment crossing the items off one by one.

     Next, use sticky notes to remind you of something.  Growing up, I put motivational quotes on my bedroom mirror. The notes started and ended each day with something positive, even something to reach for.  To this day, where I do my work, sleep, and even eat, one will find a motivational quote.

Last, let a sticky note remind you:

1. That You Are Beautiful
2. It's ok to make time for you (you don't have to get up out of bed and start work immediately)
3.  To say "no" (stop putting so much on your plate)
4.  To let it go (whatever it is-don't internalize)

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