Sunday, April 4, 2010

Live a Little!

So I would have never thought I would say that, but yes, "live a little". I get this advice from clients all the time, for once, I am taking it. As I sit here and drink my tea and reflect on my weekend, I am both impressed, and content. I have had 2 great weekends in a row. It's all based on perspective and what you value.

I have the best job, beautiful house, wonderful friends, and a loving why not be impressed and content? The old Kris (to which there's still a little bit left) would have NEVER done what I did the last couple of days: Thursday I skipped out of the 2nd half of a workday and went to see "Alice..." with a client, Friday (not only did I see a bald eagle while walking the dogs) I skipped out of the 2nd half of class to see the cherry blossoms on a blind date AND drank Sake at the Lincoln and Washington memorials-can you say Kampai! Saturday was completely satisfying as I went to a wine tasting with friends and family and then cooked out on the back deck. Sunday started with a light work load, planted some herbs while drinking a glass of Rose, and finished this wonderful weekend with a great dinner accompanied by parents and friends.

As Ferris Bueller quoted, "The question isn't "what are we going to do," the question is "what aren't we going to do?" " Wake up without the alarm one morning, take a walk by yourself, decide that you are going to try out a new place to eat without knowing what the food is like, have a glass of wine at lunch, or even better yet, decide at least one day in the month that you are not going to plan anything and just do whatever moves you! This coming from a person who lives and dies by her schedule! I know! I have had the most fun recently, laughing with others and myself. Try it....

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