Monday, May 17, 2010

Just throw it together!

Ok gang, so I did it again. I did the one thing I haven't done in a long while and MAN IT FELT GOOD! ;-) I opened the fridge and threw dinner together in less than 20min. Now be prepared all food critics.

Trader Joe's (plug, plug) has had Dover Sole fillets in a package for an extremely great price. Be prepared though, they are thinly sliced. I put a couple under the broiler with some olive oil for a bit over 5min. While they were cooking up, I sliced up 1 sm zucchini and 1 sm yellow squash, with a clove a garlic. I added those ingredients in a pan and sauteed them. Meanwhile, I chopped up dill, added some lemon juice, 2 tbs of non-fat Greek yogurt, and minced garlic. Once the fish was cooked, I added it to the sauteed vegetables. Mixed them together and removed them from the stove and right on to my plate. I then added my yogurt dressing right away and voile! Dinner is served. Now, there is nothing to the presentation. In fact, it was more like, well, mush? It looked just fine, tasted delicious, and I had a sweet potato to finish it off. It's not about doing exactly what I did, however, throwing things together isn't a bad thing. My suggestion, next time you go out to eat (and hopefully order something healthy), think to yourself, "Can I do something like this at home?"

Saturday was beautiful and didn't want to go inside. After a great run, I decided to finally head to the Farmer's Market. It wasn't this huge impressive set-up of vendor's, but your local farmers here and there. In fact, it was probably more of the experience that I enjoyed. I picked up some produce, beautiful strawberries, flowers for the front garden, and yes, indulged in a loaf of bread. This was the best bread ever! Spinach and feta cheese bread! Yummy.

So again, try something new this season. What do you have to lose?

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