Sunday, May 2, 2010

National Running Month!

OK all you runners, walkers, and wanna-be's, May is National Running Month! What a great excuse to get outside more and do something that you have been putting off. A client of mine was just commenting today on how things have been so crazy in her life and how running took a back seat. So I am opening the door.

Running is not only a great way to burn some unwanted calories, but it's also a way to just let go and get rid of that stress. Yes it is demanding on the body, but what isn't? Hip surgery and 2 bulging discs never stopped me. I run smarter now. It's the only time that my world stops turning and it's just me working things out; mentally and physically.

Then there's the motivation...ahh yes, the fact that you actually have to get out and do it. I have clients running that I would have never thought to run. Not only did they take the plunge, but they want to learn how to be more efficient. And you know what gets them the most? The challenge; knowing they can push and it's OK. They have become athletes.

It doesn't matter how slow or fast, how many times you stop, or if you complain the whole time. What matters is that you finish and you did it. The fact that you completed something will have you coming back for more. So here is what I want you to do: 1. Buy a good pair of sneakers. If you have the resource of a running store, make sure you are fitted for the sneaker best suited for your feet. (trust me, your joints will thank you) 2. Look like a pro! Figure out what keeps you comfortable as you run. No skimpys please ;-) 3. Jam out to your favorite tunes. This will make time go by quicker. 4. RELAX!!!! Your energy should come through your feet NOT held up in your shoulders. Relax the shoulders, straighten up, and if need be, open your mouth a bit. This relaxes the jaw and is a good test to see if you are truly relaxed. I see a lot of people clenching when they are running. Take your mind off the run and look around. How many white cars do you see? Can you count how many birds you see on your journey?

Whether you want to increase your mileage, or try running for the first time, I applaud you. Just let it be.....

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  1. Excellent post and very inspiring! Thank you!