Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover

So I thought of this topic last week but wanted to see if I could actually put it in action, or even what the hell it would mean to others. Some of you know this, but I dabble into the Buddhist faith every now and again. I have learned a lot by reading some of the books on this, sometimes misinterpreted, faith. When I say, "Buddhism", what do you think? Some golden statue people pray to? How about a couple of bald men walking around in orange robes? What about a depressing faith that speaks of suffering?

We all learn and then we interpret correct? So back on topic....What have I learned the most? Don't judge a book by it's cover. This can go in many directions...We as humans look at a situation or even a person and immediatley come to a conclusion. We can conclude that the person doesn't dress right, or they are doing something wrong, they are perfectly healthy, or even better, the person has it all. My new faith teaches that there are ALWAYS 2 ways to look at a particular situation. For example: Your coworker comes into work in the foulest mood you have ever seen. He/she is very short in conversation, rude, and just downright unbearable. You probably think to yourself, "What the hell? Who kicked their cat in the morning?" What you don't know is, is that their son was just diagnosed with cancer and insurance won't pay for treatments.

Now, I might be a little extreme with that one, but can you think of one? I love it when people think I'm perfect with my workouts, in shape, soooo healthy, and shouldn't have any gripes. Really? At my young age I can already relate to more than half my clients! My healthy eating habits come from being sick in 2007. My workout style comes from the fact that if I stop, I will probably not be able to start again...2 bad shoulders, bad back, and don't forget hip surgery at 31! Learning to have fun in my life and appreciate things a bit more- 2 panic attacks.

I have learned in my position as a Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, that one needs to be understanding yet reflective. I myself am not a perfect person and at times, wear my emotions on my sleeve. IT's HUMAN! All I ask is that you take yourself out of your shoes before you judge and put yourself in someone elses. Sometimes there is just more than what you see as "the cover".

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