Monday, June 7, 2010

Come back down to planet earth.....

OK, so this I have to admit, came pretty natural to write. You know that I am surrounded by wonderful people everyday. There aren't a lot of people out there who can say they love their job-I can. It takes a client here and there, every now and again, to pull me back to earth and relax a bit. The last couple of weeks have been quite crazy, inside the workplace and out. Trying to move forward with In Life and Health and making sure clients are progressing at LTF. However, I have felt like Buzz Light Year when he says, "To infinity, and beyond!"

Well I'm back and it took a client that said today, "What do you have to lose? Just let go." How the hell do I do that? Have you ever been able to say back, "Oh ok, no problem". So this is where my Wellness hat comes on. I practiced this at Wegman's today. I took my time and didn't mind people cutting me off, or jamming their cart into mine, or even better yet, leaving their cart to go who know's where! Wasn't that a good practice method?! PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT COSTCO or BJ'S!

In order to find our center and practice patience, we must put it to good use. You go to school to learn correct? Well, if you find you are frazzled and head is barely above water, I suggest you find something that takes time and that will test you. Take in everything and just relax at your local grocery store or even better yet....relax and don't change lanes in traffic. You know what happens when you do that. The lane you moved into stops next and the lane you were in passess you by...sucker!

So the next couple of weeks test your patience. Let me know what you did and how it turned out.

Thanks for the e-mails, you guys are awesome! The website should be up soon!

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  1. Northern Virginia Traffic is a test in patience! I can get frustrated very easily. I try to remember what happens when I'm not familiar with the area that to which I'm new! Then I practice deep breathing and listen to the classical music on the radio. Before I know it I'm moving again! The same thing happens when I'm disappointed in a personal relationship. I take a deep breath and try to put myself in that person's shoes. I then calm down. It is not easy but the cardio 4 or 5 times a week helps the patience quite a bit. I also like to go to Border's/Barnes and Noble and browse the books of interest to me. I learn new things and feel calmer after just fifteen minutes. Focusing on subjects of interest will help you zone on your control. Thank you,