Monday, June 28, 2010


This is a new word I have started to say to myself. I sometimes have to laugh because through constant planning, "positive consequences", and tough love directed to clients, I find myself doing the same thing to myself lately. When I feel like I am caught in a tornado, I stop and just say..."settle". No one in your little world wins if things aren't settled. You know what the fuel is to this constant madness? Expectations. Ahhh yes, the evil in human nature. Of course it's a good thing to set expectations but how do we raise them and lower them. What elements are in place in order for us to set our bar and expect to reach it?

I think it begins with self. We were nurtured in such a way as children from our parents. They set expectations, then our teachers, friends, and on to our employer. So we, in turn, expect things of ourselves and then on to other people. When do we stop? When do we say, "Wait a minute. I can't do that task in that time frame. I have other things going on."

The point I'm trying to make is to stop making yourself crazy and others around you and "settle" the madness. You're probably creating this mess, so just divide it up and make it attainable for you and to others. I promise, you will not only be happy but also feel as if you are accomplishing so much more.

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