Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where would you retire?

Ahhh back from the Cayman's. Let me tell was terrible. Really, island life, laying on the beach, great food...what else could one ask for? As I was slapped with reality 5 hours from falling asleep when I returned, I decided that every time things got a little crazy, I would take myself back to this weekend and just relax. Why is it that we get whisked away by the craziness when returning from a vacation and forget about the fun we had? DON'T DO THAT! Put yourself back into a "Happy Place"

So I was asked not to long that when I retire, where would I retire to? No, this wasn't EHarmony or some other dating service, but real funny mom! This is a pretty tough question though. Have you ever thought of it? Would you go to somewhere tropical or a house/cabin on a lake? Why? Now of course the smart ass Kristina answered, "Could I watch ESPN? Are there any sports or a shopping plaza close by?"

My first answer was the lake. I love nature...birds and trees seem so peaceful. However, after visiting the Cayman's, I might have some reservations. It was absolutely beautiful. The sand was gorgeous, the water pristine, and swimming with the stingrays, in their world...was awesome. This was such a great experience that now a bunch of us would like to get dive certified. To see a new world was a great experience.

So have you thought about it more? Somewhere on a beach or on a lake?

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