Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Don't play catch up!

So I have had one too many conversations regarding the fact that it's already August! Yes, the Summer flew by and most of us spent it inside avoiding the gruesome heat. Maybe you didn't run/walk as much as you normally would have or worked in the garden. Guess what? Winter will be here before you know it too!

Start preparing now for those goals that you may have fallen short of. I know that just in a couple of months, the party excuses, holiday excuses, more family excuses ;-), and whatever we could come up with will start rolling in. So yes, it's already August, but use this time to start planning and developing your Winter/holiday foundation. This means, what can you begin to do today that will sustain you for the next couple of months? Better yet-help you create new, healthy habits!

For thing I began doing, was recording a yoga class from TV. This way, when I'm stuck inside, I turn it on and do it. Most of them take a half hour. If you don't think you have a half hour to spare, let me know. I bet I can find it or move it up your priority list!

Good luck and if you need help developing a plan, let me know.

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