Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have patience....

So I had to display Sasha, as she always is in the office at home. She follows the sun when she can and props her head up on a window sil and an occasional lap-if the person is worthy. As usual, there are sooo many things that have happened that I could write about- new recipe, meditation ideas, day-to-day observations. Instead, I will make note of Sasha. Yep, I will write about my dog. But wait! You can relate!

I rescued her, along with Missy, over 2 yrs ago. Sasha was not too friendly but as cute as could be. I honestly thought that after a week, I would have to return this 4year old Cattledog mix. Her story-beaten, not loved. I brought her home and sure enough, we had some struggles. She didn't trust anyone too well. If you looked at her funny, you were a dead man! I had problems wiping paws off at the door or even petting her ears. She would withdraw quickly or wince. God forbid I would have a visitor at the door. And the FedEx or UPS guy? They mine as well throw the package from the street!

Over time and with a bit of love, she has built up her trust. She has been quite a good dog who loves her ears rubbed and follows me around the house constantly. There are times that I watch her gentle side, curious as to what has actually happened in her past. She has made great mental and physical strides in 2 years, but you can't change the past. I just hope to give her a better future.

So, when you are looking to change ways and become a better person, just have patience. You can't change your past either. Things take time and you will get there.

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