Friday, December 24, 2010


Alright, I've officially lost it. For some reason, I'm more in the Holiday spirit this year then I ever have been since I moved into my home. Couldn't tell you why. I've decorated, sent cards early, shopped, saw NYC at her finest, bought a Christmas CD, and now planning the course of action for today. This Santa has to deliver gifts and bake. Yep that's right. This Personal Trainer/Wellness Coach is going to let loose today and B&B (bake and booze). Now I'm not going over board, but as I bake a red velvet cake, cupcakes that look like nutcrackers, and prepare a seafood lasagna...I need a bit of help. I have called on my good friend MALBEC. He's from Argentina and helps me out a lot!

So, here it is. ENJOY YOURSELF! Don't get huffy over someone taking your parking spot, standing in line a long time, or a store not having what you want. I would like to say the cliche phrase, "it's the holidays" but really? Why get upset anyways? It doesn't do any good. That spot won't magically open up, the cashier can't go any faster (they probably don't want to work right now anyways), and think of back-ups for last minute shopping. Try to smile and make someone elses day today.

I leave you this, look for the positive in this weekend. Don't dread the family...they might just dread you! Be careful if you are on travels. May you have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year.

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