Friday, December 10, 2010

Inhale...ahhh, now exhale...

Many laughs in writing this blog. First off, let me thank everyone for all well-wishes to my hibiscus plant-she's doing awesome!

"Do you have all your Christmas shopping done?" HUH?! Shopping?! Next to getting parts of the house fixed? The car? Parties? New Year's events? Birthdays? Work? What'a my name again? Isn't that the way we feel during these times? Guess what-it's not going to change. I was asked this question many times this week and all I could do is laugh. I think I'm still trying to recover from Thanksgiving!

I just barley got the tree up (with some help), in between work and a party last weekend to get thrown right into NYC. Listen, instead of griping of all the things that aren't done yet, why don't we enjoy what's happening now. I WALK DOWN MY STAIRS EVERY MORNING AND SEE/SMELL A WONDERFUL TREE. It's gorgeous! I laugh at the fact that I have bought "the girls" their presents. Oh yeah, the dogs are done so far.

So here are some Christmas tips from yours truly:

1. Don't spaz out. Sit down and write a list of, not those on the naughty list. What helps for me-themes. "Health", "Music", "Animals", whatever..

2. Don't laugh at thy neighbor. They put their lights up for a reason. Just enjoy them.

3. Office parties, break room "hang-outs", and holiday get-togethers....CONTROL!!! If you know you have 3 parties to attend to that week, do you really need 3 martini's at each? Can't you just stick to one? (You know who I'm speaking of-wink wink). If you want to have fun because it's "the holidays", don't piss and moan on January 1, 2011.

4. It's the time of cheer for Pete's Sake! Be cheery! I make fun of gifts I have bought for some people. Will they enjoy it?-yes. Did I have fun buying it? You bet!

5. Watch Rudolph, Christmas Story, and god knows what else over and over again noticing something different each time. It will play over and over again anyways.

6. Try something different this season. New decoration? Begin a new tradition. I moved my tree. hey! That's a big deal for me.....;-)

7. Let it go! So they took your parking spot-you should probably walk a little more anyway!

8. Buy Jack Johnson's Christmas CD. You won't be disappointed. Put it on, drink one for me, and bake away. Men, put on the football game and stay away from the kitchen.

I'm heading into NYC next weekend and can't wait to share my experience. I have been there plenty of times during Christmas but I will be attending Cirqu du Soleil's last production of Wintuk! I look forward to sharing the sites with you.

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