Monday, January 10, 2011

To My Resolutionaries-New & Old!

One week down, 7 to go correct? That's the life expectancy of the "new" gym-goers who have decided that they would like to lose weight, get tone, be more active or whatever New Year's Resolution endeavor they have set off to conquer this year. Those who have been coming to the gym, day in and day out, broken limb or hacking up a lung this year, hats off to you. Here is my argument though-why be so upset that you can't get on a treadmill or get on your ready-and-willing equipment? Can't we all just get along? Remember, where you got to, you had to start somewhere. Correct? If you have been coming in so much and are such a gym rat, who cares if you have to wait a little bit? You are burning more calories standing there than that person walking on the treadmill due to an increase in your metabolism.

The foundation of ANY physical fitness routine is EDUCATION! The second? Confidence and self-esteem. Getting to the gym is 80%, the other 20%? Working out. It doesn't take much brain power to lift a dumbbell. The "new" members at your local gym may be not only be intimated by all the equipment, how they look, or even how they act, but more so- YOU!

It takes a lot of work to know how to lift, execution of an exercise program, and the yearn for being successful. Hell, some people who have been long time members at a fitness facility may not see an ounce of progress for a couple of years. Ya know why?-mental. It's all in the head. Beneath the spandex, new running sneakers, matching outfits, we are all the same. We congregate to a local hot spot and want to be healthy. Help one another attain that level of achievement this year.

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