Monday, January 17, 2011


I found myself having the same conversation over and over again last week with clients. These clients are from all over the place. In a gym setting, corporate setting, and everything in between. BOUNDARIES. If I decide X and I'm doing Y, then Y (why?) the heck can't I reach Z (goals)? BOUNDARIES. Let's say I saved $1200 last year and want to save $2400 this year. Do I just start saving more money? No. I have to look at income vs expenses correct? What about the unexpected? You set a goal for yourself and certain factors have to be considered and a plan has to be established.

So why don't we take an easy one? I want to workout 2d/wk. One can't just get up and go workout. You have to plan bed time, waking up time, work schedule, adjustments with children/family, packing gym bag.....I could go on forever. Take time this week and perform a self-observation. Are there any things that are bothering you because you can't get them accomplished? Are you not eating the way you would like to or not getting to the gym as much you intended. Look at what's getting in the way vs the goals and set up your own boundaries.

Here's mine: (a day in the life of me)

4-4:30a Wake up/take dogs out n feed/eat breakfast/get dressed/take dogs out


6-11:30 Work and workout

12p- On site Corporate Wellness

2-4p- Admin work on computer

4-5p- Wellness Coaching calls (off computer for evening)

5-6p- Feed dogs/watch ESPN/cook dinner (I have a menu planned out for wk that I did on Sun) (hey, a girl has to recap her sports;-)(NO BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS!)

6-8p- Shower and any housework that needs to be done

8p- In bed reading book


BOUNDARIES not listed:

-Make all snack foods on Sunday
-No calls w/ work after 5p unless last minute schedule change
-Housework divided up on certain days

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