Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My food log....

You guys and gals have been asking for it and I don't know why. What works for me may not necessarily work for you. I do know that this will: 1.Drink lots of water (your body is comprised mostly of it and uses it all the time), 2.Watch your sodium intake! (Only 1200 mg please), 3.COLORFULL FOODS! (white is not a color!)

Wake up 4:15-ish: 2 pieces of Ezekial bread w/ organic TJ peanut butter
1c coffee w/1% organic milk
Work 6a-11a: 7a- Cliff Protein builder bar (chocolate mint-yum)
9a- 5-8 mini peppers (red/orange/yellow)
TJ Light organic mozzarella stick
11:30ish- (post workout) Protein shake w/ water
Boiled organic sweet potato
12p- Organic mixed green salad w/ organic kidney beans,
grapes, and flaxseed
2p- 1 toasted pita bread with hummus and EVOO
5p- (MWF-cooking) 1 Stuffed organic mushroom (other is
lunch):quinoa, eggplant, spinach, tomato, and parm
7p- 1 ramekin of Fage 0% yogurt w/honey and cup of tea
Bed 8-9p

There it is!
This is a typical MWF. Tuesday and Thursday is pretty much the same but the 5p and after. Normally I'm still snacking at work and eating leftovers or the "chunky" salad at 7:30p and not eating the yogurt. What do you think?

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