Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Be kind to yourself...

This is a blog with a bit of a twist for Valentine's Day. I have been working with a corporate client, Christina Kohler. She was recently awarded a Lifestyle Change Winner through the American Heart Association. Through an outstanding Corporate Wellness Program at GTSI, her and I met. Chris challenged herself through on-line self-assessments and quizes, employee health competitions, and- put up with me!

Not only was she on the cover of Fairfax Woman, but also was given the opportunity to tell her story. I encourage you to read her whole story. This was her "ah-ha" moment:

"I've always been a large person. The people in my family are large, especially the women. That's what I told myslef. It was the excuse I used when I would try to lose a few pounds but the scale wouldn't budge. Then Christmas 2010 came and I saw the family pictures we took before church and opening presents. There wasn't a single one that I saw I liked or felt happy about...Aren't you supposed to smile when you look at family pictures and think about the memories?

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