Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Starbuck's Day

So I had a blog scheduled to write about but I couldn't help to talk about the day I'm in. I break away from my hectic day on Wednesday's to sit, and play catch up with what admin activities that need to be completed. This can range from school, work, business, traveling, and personal enlightment.

So hear I am in a local Starbuck's that I visit on a weekly basis. Once I THINK I'm caught up, I stop, look up from my computer, and can't help to think THIS is THE place. A place where all sorts come from. An elderly couple to the right of me, relaxing on the lounge chairs reading a newspaper and drinking coffee. There are two business woman in front of me gossiping over work, a high school student who always sits at the bar, and look-the same father I see come in with his two young children and a newborn. How can a place reach out to so many different idividuals at once, looking for the same thing-an expensive cup of Joe! How do they do that? Is it the marketing? They don't offer any services. So far, I'm the only who bought food. Yes, I love my lemon loaf!

I gather it like this-it's a break. A break from the crazy hustle and bustle we call life. I'm not writing you this to get you to go to Starbuck's, but to merely schedule out a little bit of time to just get away. When you are at work, take 30 min for eating lunch, 30 min for taking a stroll. If you have the children all day, make sure that nap time is also for you.

One thing that I have worked on over the past couple of years is this mantra, "It can wait". Some things just should not be taken advantage of!

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