Monday, July 1, 2013


     The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines boundary as "something that fixes a limit or extent".  We make rules and "boundaries" for our children as they grow up, so what happens when we become adults?  Our lives change and everything takes over.  Not-so-much.....

     People speak of a work-life balance.  Some say it exists.  Others, typically challenge the notion that there's no such thing.  I believe it can exist if you know how to set it up and practice living it to the best of your ability.  Of course we can't predict the unexpected, but how you handle it, as you balance life more, will change over time.

     We can set boundaries in our everyday life without a problem.  One of the best ways to practice this is on your drive to work.  What are you doing?  Are you trying to put on make-up?  Eating your breakfast?  Why is is so hard for us to focus to what's going on in front of us- the road?

     The main complaint I hear, and posted this on the Facebook page, is that "I work too much".  Now, to some extent, I do believe that we can't help the responsibilities placed on us, however, if you set up boundaries, one can work around them.  This will create you work-life balance, or what I like to call- time management.

     I was working like crazy a couple years ago and didn't know my head from my tail ;-)  A client told me to look in the mirror and say "no" to myself.  "If you can do that, you can say no to other people."  It took some time, but I began to feel better.  The stress was gone and I felt like I was doing something for me.  We take care of others so much, how often do we step back and actually slow ourselves down?

    Here's what to do, look at an area of your life that you might feel is out of control.  Are you attached to your phone?  This is sometimes the easiest.  I am off all electronics by 8p during the week.  I don't answer e-mails, calls, or texts.  For work, I am away from the computer and all work-related business from 12p on Saturdays until Monday at 8a.  Those are 2 of my boundaries.  Can you do the same?

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