Monday, October 21, 2013


      I came across an article; Candy Facts: 12 Things You Might Not Have Known, from Huffington Post.  It's an interesting little article that I thought you might have some fun with.  Halloween is right around the corner and I wanted to post this before next week. Did you know that Americans eat 24lbs. of candy each year?!  Here is my take-away:

1.  Americans purchase almost 600 MILLION pounds of candy each year for Halloween!  That's 158 TRILLION candy corns!

2.  More chocolate candy is sold during Halloween-leading Valentine's Day and Easter!

3.  Top selling candy?  CANDY CORN!- 20 MILLION pounds a year.

4.  After candy corn-Snickers, Reese's, Kit Kat, and then M&M'S. (mmmm, Reese's)

5.  Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi are states that love candy corn the most. BUT Oregon looks for a gluten-free candy....really?

6.  YEP!  More people are looking for a gluten-free candy over sugar-free.  (Didn't I write a post on the craze in gluten-free for F.I.T. studio a couple of weeks ago?)

7.  The day of most candy sales?  October 28th.  I got mine today!

8.  The average American household spends $44 on candy for Halloween!  (I guess I have to go back out and buy some more!)

Happy Halloween!

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